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3 Daily Habits that can TRANSFORM your Life in 30 Days

From my learnings about the business industry, there is one thing that I have firmly realized: HABITS MAKETH MAN. I believe that Success is not a result of one or two life – changing events, but it is a result of Daily Habits which a person does consistently in their daily life!

When I was introduced to these activities, I started judging them even before I implemented them in my life. I used to think that there is no way that these activities will help me in any way whatsoever. But, I was crazy and hungry for my Goal! I was willing to do Whatever it Takes to achieve it. So, I decided to try these out for 30 days and I kid you not… the results were PHENOMENAL!

I can’t promise you that by the end of 30 days you will become a Millionaire or a Billionaire. But I can promise you this… no matter how huge and overwhelming your goal seems to be, these 3 daily rituals will help you to focus your energy only on the relevant tasks which take you closer to your goal. Before we jump into these activities, I want to share with you the formula of Success: SUCCESS = 80% MINDSET + 20% ACTIONS

This Means that 80% of your Success is dependent on your state of Mind. I want you to follow these 3 Daily Activities for 30 Days, as they can truly Change your Life! So, lets dive in!


A goal card is a small card which looks like an identity card or a business card. On this card, you are supposed to write down your goal. Make sure that you write the date by which you aim to accomplish this goal.

From one dreamer to another, I want to gift you a blank copy of the Goal Card. I am providing 3 images below. The first 2 are the front-side images which you can choose and the 3rd one is a back-side image for the goal card. Download it, take a printout of this and laminate it. Make sure that it is small in size, so that you can carry it anywhere. You must follow a particular format to write down your goal. I have also mentioned the guidelines further in this article.

Here is the back side of the Goal Card…

You must keep these guidelines in your mind while making your goal card:

  • The goal MUST be handwritten and NOT printed. True magic only takes place when you actually write it down with your hand.
  • Keep your goal card with you whenever possible. My suggestion – keep it in your wallet so that you can access it any time you want to.
  • Make sure that you look at your goal at least 2 times a day and read it to yourself till the day you actually achieve it. This will help you to have clarity in your mind and will also ensure to guide you to do those actions that will produce results that take you closer to that goal.
  • You have to write your goal in such a way that it depicts that you have already achieved that goal. It should be more like an affirmation.


    Eg. If my goal is to earn $1 Million monthly, then instead of writing, “I will earn $1 Million monthly”, you are supposed to write, “I earn $1 Million monthly”.

    In short, you are supposed to write your goal in such a way that it depicts that you have already achieved it.

  • You must write what you are willing to give back in order to gain what you want to gain.

The best example of a Goal Affirmation would be, “I Earn $1 Million per month consistently on total autopilot doing what I love, helping millions of people live a happy and prosperous life.”

Your goal card will be your supporting pillar in the worst times. When the tough times come, and trust me they will, just hold on tightly to your goal card and don’t worry. It will guide you through your problems. Whenever you have to take a tough or confusing decision, hold onto your goal card and take the decision confidently.

You must keep one thing in mind though; your goal card will help you identify a path. You have to walk on that path without stopping in order to reach the destination.

And remember, the only limit is your imagination. The tactic of using the goal card is dangerously amazing! As it is correctly written in the bible, “For every one that asketh, receiveth; and he that seeketh, findeth; and to him that knocketh it shall be opened.” So, don’t put an upper cap on your dream. The motto is simple – Dream Big, Achieve Big!


Now this is a task which only 20% people will continue to do consistently. Most people might follow this for a day or a week at max, but continuously doing it day after day is the factor that separates the strong from the feeble. This is a strategy which will give you crystal clarity in the dreams or ambitions that you actually desire. You have to Write down your Goals EVERY DAY for the next 30 Days!

There is a specific format in which you are supposed to do this activity. You must follow the following steps:

  • The goals MUST be handwritten – just like your goal card. The day that you write down your goals with your hand, is the day when you have made a decision that they are YOUR GOALS. You build a special connection with them. They  become more valuable when you actually write them down.
  • This one is CRUCIAL: you must write the date by which you wish to accomplish your goal. Writing a date is important because if you don’t put an end line, it is as good as being just a wish for you. The process of achieving your desired dream is surprisingly simple:


    Because of the fact that it is this simple, it becomes seemingly complicated in today’s advanced world where clarity in vision has become a privilege only for the few. Remember, it is SIMPLE – not EASY.

  • Just like in your goal card, write your goals in such a way that they depict that you have already achieved your goal. Such as, instead of writing, “My dream is to drive a BMW”, write, “I drive a beautiful, blue color, BMW – 7 series, which I purchased on 31st December 2023”.
  • Spend no more than 10 minutes on this activity daily.
  • You don’t have to necessarily write long paragraphs about your goal. You can write them in bullet points.
  • Be as precise as possible. If your goal is to buy a car, be specific about the details of the car. The brand, model, color, interior design etc.
  • Write your goals on a new page daily. Make sure to write the date every day so that you can keep track of your progress. Don’t try to refer to the goals of the previous day. Write down those goals that come into your mind first. After some days, you will start seeing a pattern and will actually realize what your KEY GOALS are.
  • Put on some inspiring music while writing your goals, so that you are able to connect with your goal intellectually, as well as emotionally.

Writing down your goals daily will immediately separate you from the crowd. You would be amongst the rare minority who actually know what they want from life. Once you are laser focused about what you want, believe me… opportunities will start showing up, new people will start coming into your life – the ones which will help you reach your goal and you will see a shift in your own mindset. You just have to be open minded and receptive to these opportunities and people.

Devoting 10 minutes of your day to this activity will set you 10 years ahead as compared to each and every person who just wishes to be successful. If you feel that these activities are lame and that there is literally no connection between these activities and success, I totally understand you. It took me some time too, to realize that you have got to do something that most people aren’t willing to do to make your way to the top.

These activities are truly life changing and my sole purpose behind telling you about these is to ensure YOUR SUCCESS!!!


Before I tell you about this one, I would like to put a disclaimer out there. THIS IS NOT FOR EVERYONE. Only the true dreamers and over-achievers should implement this one. You remember, I told you that only 20% would do the daily goal writing activity? Well, only 20% of that 20% would actually do this activity diligently. This means that only 4 out of every 100 people would actually do it on a daily basis.

If you decide to be one of them, then believe me, I feel crazily excited to say this but, “YOUR SUCCESS IS GUARANTEED! NO ONE CAN TAKE IT AWAY FROM YOU! FAILING FOR YOU IS IMPOSSIBLE!”

“The Strangest Secret in the World”, is an audio by Earl Nightingale which was recorded in the year 1950. Here’s an amazing fact about this audio – it has produce the most number of self-made millionaires as compared to any other audio out there. The facts which Mr. Earl Nightingale states in this audio are still applicable after 70 years since he recorded this audio.

Now here’s the main challenge… You ready for it?

You have to listen to this audio daily for the coming 30 days! If you pull this off, your life will be completely different. I am providing you with the audio below. You can also access it on youtube by clicking HERE.

It is easy to listen to this once, or even for an entire week. Your inner resistance will start showing up from the 8th day. By the 30th day, you would practically feel like giving up on the challenge. But remember – NO CHALLENGE IS BIG ENOUGH TO STOP YOU FROM REACHING YOUR GOAL! I still listen to this audio each and every day and it has been at least 7 months since I started.

These were the 3 activities that if you implement in your life right now, have the capacity to change your mindset, personality and mostly, your financial status too! There is one thing you have to remember though – none of these are one time or two time activities. You have to follow each one of these at least for a month diligently in order to see the changes and results. By the end of the 30th day, you will be a COMPLETELY DIFFERENT PERSON!

If you accept this 30 – day challenge, let me know in the comments section below by replying, “CHALLENGE ACCEPTED!” Also, let me know about your take on these activities. If you are already seeing the results of these activities in your life, please share your experiences in the comments.

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    Wow! Nothing more to say beta… you are certainly Rocking and Rolling this life gifted by God! Love you a lot.

  2. Archana Iyengar

    Amazingly explained a bout goal setting, affirmations and strangest secret. The main thing is consistency in activity and learning. Thank you so much Anuj for sharing important details.

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