Anuj Iyengar

About Me

Hello I’m Anuj Iyengar. I find myself lucky because I have a clear purpose in my mind as to what my goal is: To create the biggest community of entrepreneurs on the planet so that we can collectively donate / contribute a total of $1 Trillion.

Here in our space, no one is a normal person. We are one big family full of successful people. But if we are a family, it means that we know each other pretty well right? My aim is to develop a deep virtual relationship with you. Well, let me tell you about myself…


It was the year 2006. My father got a better job opportunity, hence we shifted to Nasik. There I got into one of the best schools in the area – Wisdom High International School. That school taught things in a completely different manner. We had to focus on implementing our knowledge in practical situations rather than just mugging up content. Apart from this, it also inculcated values such as kindness, honesty, courtesy and most importantly – the ability to live independently. It also inculcated in me one of the best habit ever – reading. We were given 40 minutes daily just for reading books. The best part was that we were not allowed to read books within our syllabus. We could read any book. This is where I developed a habit of reading and I still continue it till date.

In 2013, we shifted back to my hometown, Pune. Here, I got admission in Global Indian International School, one of the best schools in the area. This school gave me one of the most important things in my life – a family. I was a very calm and quiet person before I came in this school. My friends completely changed me as a person. Because of them I opened up and was able to socialize more confidently. I got introduced to bigger groups.


Here is a picture of the family that I got in my school. I know for a fact that these guys will never ever leave my side no matter what!


I was 5 years old when I was introduced to swimming by my parents. Swimming was the sport that taught me the IMPORTANCE OF FOCUSING ON THE FINISH LINE. I had participated in a district – level tournament for the freestyle stroke in the category of under 7 boys for the 25 meters distance. I had the lead and the finish line was just 5 meters away. But for some reason I stopped and turned to see where my opponent was. Till that time, he took the lead and secured first place whereas I came in second. That loss hit me hard! It taught me the importance of focusing on my own goal.

After moving back to Pune, I was introduced to another beautiful sport – Basketball. We had a basketball court in my society and that was the only source of entertainment we had. My friends taught me how to play. By the way, I got another amazing family when I shifted to Greens Society. Here is a picture of our squad:


Basketball taught me the importance of teamwork. When I joined basketball classes, the first thing that our coach told us was, “THE NAME IN THE FRONT OF YOUR JERSEY IS MORE IMPORTANT THAN THE ONE IN THE BACK.” This made me realise that you cannot succeed alone. True success is when you take others with you.

I still play basketball every day. Sports became an inevitable part of my life. Playing basketball every day is like breathing for me. I would like to suggest you to do some or the other physical activity every day! This is because motion creates emotion. All the successful people break a sweat every day.  I am privileged to be a part of one of the best teams ever – NJ BASKETBALL ACADEMY.



It was the month of May, 2015. My parents took me to Malaysia for a global event. The amount of learning which I got in those 5 days could not be compared to anything ever! It brought about a complete change in my perspective. It was then that I decided that I would never ever be a part of the rat race and that I would start something of my own.

The best opportunity that I ever got was in the month of October, 2019. This is when my dad introduced me to an online course of affiliate marketing named the FourPercent Success Challenge. This program not only taught me how to start my own business but also gave me the mindset of an entrepreneur. It exposed me to immense amounts of positivity and goal – oriented people. This completely brought about a 180 degree change in me.


I finally started my own business and now I can proudly say that I am different from the masses. But nothing gives me more happiness than to positively touch your life. I hope that all your dreams are achieved too.  🙂


My why is basically the reason for which I want to accomplish anything in my life. It is a purpose that is far greater than me.

I want to succeed so that I can complete my parents’ and my own dreams. I have seen them make a ton of sacrifices just so that I would get everything that I wanted. I love them from the bottom of my heart.


I don’t want to walk this path towards success alone. I want you to join me too! Let us embark on this amazing journey together. Let me hold your hand and guide you through this dark path. We will achieve our goals NO MATTER WHAT! So my friend, I would just like to say one thing: