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12 Key Attributes of Successful People

I believe that a person’s success is not dependent upon one or two big events. It is dependent on those small daily tasks which truly end up causing massive changes in our life. In this podcast, I have covered 12 of these main habits that over-achievers have adopted which have helped them pave their way towards success.

In this podcast, I talk about 12 Key Attributes of highly Successful People. They are:

  1. Have a clear vision of the future you want to create
  2. Take 100% Responsibility for everything that happens in your life
  3. Never complaint about anything you can’t change or are unwilling to change
  4. Lead by example
  5. Learn something new today that will take you closer to your GOAL
  6. Break a sweat every day through physical exercise
  7. Give away that which you want to get more of
  8. Don’t be cheap on your journey to greatness
  9. Simplify Everything!
  10. Strive for EXCELLENCE in everything you do
  11. Don’t be busy – Be Efficient & Productive
  12. BE KIND
  13. BONUS SURPRISE – For the over-achievers (Go through the podcast to know about this one!

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6 thoughts on “12 Key Attributes of Successful People”

  1. Archana Iyengar

    All the attributes are very useful for me in day to day life. I was using most of them but need to give insight on them. Thank you so much for sharing.

  2. Vijay Iyengar

    Hi Champ,

    Listening to your podcast was a real surprise for me. Why ? – I didn’t really expect someone of your age to explain such important attributes and key factors so beautifully and with clear thoughts. I think you covered all of them very well. I am really happy the way you held your composure throughout. All the principles are equally important however for me I think it was focus , efficiency, simplicity, recognition of others were key takeaways. Kudos!
    Lots of love champ.

    1. Awesome sharing!!! I am very happy that I was able to create a small impact in your thought process. Even for me, simplicity and focus are the most important factors. I am sure that as soon as you implement these learnings, you will be able to see a major change in your life. Keep going. And thanks a lot for your sharings and love 😀😀 More power to you brother!

  3. Michael Kshir
    It’s really amazing podcast, I have been listening to all of this lecture and even the previous one, you are great, you can change life to be successful to everyone who attends your webinar. You’re just 20 year old but you have done a great things in life, still like to listening more of your webinar.

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